Open 2020.01.10
Kotlin Fest #2019

Code Generation in Kotlin with Annotation and KotlinPoet

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本動画は、Code Generation in Kotlin with Annotation and KotlinPoet と題して、Malvin Sutantoさん(@MalvinSutanto Wantedly)が登壇します。

Kotlin is a highly concise programming language that aims to minimize unnecessary code. However, we sometimes still have to write more than what we'd like.
When it comes to Java, annotation processing is widely popular because it allows you to add compile time checks and processing to your project.
In addition,it is often paired with code generation tools like JavaPoet to easily write and eliminate boilerplate code.

In this session, I will talk about how we can take this approach and introduce it to your Kotlin project together with KotlinPoet to generate some of this code.
I will then present some strategies to test and validate the generated code. Discuss the benefits and limitations of this approach and when the appropriate time to use it is.
Finally, I will provide some sample implementation of annotation processing which you can use to increase your productivity.

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